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When I was just a young boy,
Maybe about the age of four;
I decided to see the world,
And, all else…I ignored!

Oh, I knew better,
Knew better than all of them;
I wanted to launch-out,
It wasn’t just a whim!

So, on a sunny day,
I put my baseball cap upon my head;
A light jacket would be plenty,
Then, down the street…I fled!

It was quite the adventure,
That I set out…upon;
Strange surrounds and people,
More than I had planned on.

But, I wasn’t scared,
No…not really;
Although my stomach began to ache,
So, I hurried on…on my journey.

This time that my tummy ached,
I knew for sure that I was hungry;
What should I do now?
Now, it was beginning to get scary!

And, I was getting sleepy,
It must be time for my nap;
This is what I told myself,
But, big boys don't take naps.

Still, my eyes began to close,
Under this tree…I will lay;
When I am rested…I’ll move on,
That’s what I did say!

Very soon…it seemed,
Someone was leaning over me;
“Wake up, little boy…wake up”,
The Officer said to me.

Oh, my goodness…I’m in trouble,
And, my heart skipped a beat;
Then, I remembered…I’m hungry,
My tummy wanted to eat!

“Far from home…aren’t you?”
The Officer asked;
Did I look lost to him,
Or was it just his job…his task?

“Let’s go to the Station,
And we’ll see if you are lost”;
What could I do…I was apprehended,
I couldn’t escape…no matter what the cost!

Oh, they were waiting for me,
The Sargent…with a smile upon his face;
A cone of ice cream was given to me,
All fear…it erased!

And, with a rush…from the front door,
Mom and Dad came inside;
They were so happy I was found,
Their arms…they opened wide!

Now, it was good to be going home,
But, remember my story…too;
If some day you decide to take a walk,
RUN AWAY…isn’t the thing to do!


June 3, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love