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I love to tell stories,
For the happiness they bring;
Happiness to those who read,
And, to those who are hearing.

I never thought to be a “STORY TELLER”,
It never entered my mind;
Until, one day I picked up a pencil,
And, what I scribbled down…rhymed!

A light went ‘on’ inside my head,
And, in my heart…too;
Then, I knew in my heart-of-hearts,
This was the thing for me to do!

And, my…how I’ve enjoyed it,
The words…they just flowed;
Not just for myself…my experiences,
But…to others…I owed!

If I can help just one person,
To learn…from what I’ve been through;
Then, I can say…from deep within,
“I hope these poems will help you!”

Life has been very good to me,
With its smooth and with its rocky roads;
For we learn from both of them,
And, on both of them…I rode!

Yes, I love to tell stories,
And, maybe you do…too;
You just don’t know where to begin,
Nor…just what to do.

Begin with just one thought,
Something you feel strongly about;
Jot it down…on paper,
Don’t hold back…just let it out!

Maybe they’ll come in story form,
Or in words that rhyme;
Maybe they won’t rhyme at all,
That happens all the time!

But, let the words be your words,
And, let them come from your heart;
Don’t fear becoming vulnerable,
For, that’s the place to start.

As your words spill-out,
All across the page;
You will have such a release,
Just like a bird set free from a cage!

Truly…you shall be set free,
Like a bird…you will soar;
To be tied down no longer,
Never to be bound… any more!

For a “STORY TELLER” puts no limit,
On what they think, say, or do;
A “STORY TELLER”… is a free-spirit,
And, they will not be subdued!


May 29, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love