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Do you believe in Santa Claus,
You know…good old St. Nick?
I know that there are pros and cons,
Now, hear me out…and don’t panic!

When I was very young,
Of old Saint Nicholas…I learned;
He was a kindly old gentleman,
Who gave gifts to children…if they had been earned.

All year long, the children were good,
“Zero” delinquency was in the land;
In fact…there was no such word,
Today…that’s something hard to understand.

Well, this old gentleman wore a coat,
A coat of deepest red;
And, he went about his work…quietly,
When all the children were in bed.

Imagine their surprise…in the morning,
When the gifts started to appear;
Well, other towns thought it a good thing,
As word passed mouth to mouth…ear to ear.

So, they began the same tradition,
And, it spread lots of good cheer;
The children were well-behaved,
Especially as that time of year drew near!

But, alas…as in so many cases,
Things began to change;
Commercialism crept in…$$ - the dollar,
No longer from the heart…it had been rearranged.

Now, a price tag was put upon a gift,
And, of course it must be bought from the finest store;
No longer crafted by loving hands,
And, the children expected more and more!

Santa Claus had gone 'commercial',
For, we wanted bigger…better…faster;
What had begun as a good thing,
Now, turned into a disaster!

When will we get our ‘values’ right,
When shall we see the giver’s heart?
Can we return…and appreciate,
What Saint Nicholas gave…at the start?!

For, it’s not what we receive, that makes us happy,
But, rather…it’s in the giving;
Freely giving…from the heart,
That’s the way we are to be living.

And, while we’re about it,
Let’s make it every day;
Why limit ourselves…and others,
To just one time…one way?

What would happen if children,
Were good…every single day;
And, they weren’t good just for a few,
Expecting to receive some sort of pay?

And, what if their loved-ones,
Gave them unconditional love…all the time?
If it wasn’t something children had to earn,
Maybe there’d be no delinquency and crime.

Wouldn’t it be ever so grand,
If this love spread `round the world;
Not just to those closest to us,
But, to everyone…this love…unfurled?

It can happen… and in our lifetime,
The choice is ours to make;
Don’t hesitate any longer,
Let’s have ourselves a world-wide…outbreak!


June 5, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love