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Oh, how I loved school,
Almost from the first day;
There was so much to learn,
Yes, so much to think about and to say!

`Tis said that a little child,
Is just like a little sponge;
A little child absorbs so very much,
Into more knowledge…a little child will plunge!

Well, I was no exception,
My eyes…constantly popped-open wide;
Everything seemed to astound me,
Like a little sponge…and more…besides!

Imagine my delight…then,
When teacher announced SHOW AND TELL;
We could bring something from home,
Show it…and tell…as well!

Oh, I had many unique things,
Because my Grampa had traveled a great deal;
I had so many things to ‘show’,
And, also…to ‘tell’…I did feel!

Me…shy and withdrawn…never,
I'd never run out of things to say;
Oh, I could hardly wait,
Until, SHOW AND TELL…day!

Now, the hardest part of all of this,
Was to decide…just what to bring;
I had an unending assortment,
Just what to take…that was the thing!

So, I thought I’d ask Grampa,
For he knew all that he’d brought home;
Why, there were things from every country,
When the whole world…he had roamed.

“How about something small?” he asked,
“It must be something you can carry”;
Well, that narrowed it down a bit,
Although, I’ll admit…not very!

The piano from Italy was out,
Much to heavy for me to lift;
And, the five-foot marble statue,
That had once been a gift.

Hey, there were still so many,
Tiny tokens of esteem;
The large silver tea pot,
A gift…you know…from the Queen!

“I think your friends would like to see,
“Something from which they can learn”;
Grampa was usually right,
“If they have questions…each can take their turn.”

“I have just the thing!”
Grampa exclaimed…with great delight;
Oh, how I loved it when Grampa,
When, his face lit-up so bright!

“Now, this is from right here,
“Still, I know that they will like it;
“Twill spark their imaginations,
“Not just a little…but, quite a bit!”

“Come on Grampa…tell me,
“Just what is your idea?”
I could hardly contain myself,
Yes, I was close to tears!

“Well, remember what we found,
“When we repaired our porch?
“Remember what we found,
“When they took it apart…with that blowtorch?”

Ah…yes, I did remember,
Oh…it was huge in size;
A huge hornets’ nest…that’s what it was,
To stay far away from it…was wise.

But…you know…it was empty,
For some reason…they all flew away;
That’s why we had saved it,
And, have it still…today.

“I don’t know if I can carry it”,
“But, if you came with me”…I said in dismay;
“Then, you could answer questions,
“Some things that…I might not know what to say.”

So, I got my teacher’s permission,
To bring Grampa to SHOW AND TELL:
A learning experience for everyone,
And, everything went so very well!

We ‘showed’…eyes popped-out and mouths hung open,
Then, we ‘told’…all about it;
SHOW AND TELL…what a great idea,
It’s always great when so many can benefit!


July 14, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love