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What a pleasant time of year;
New life was popping out…everywhere,
Far and wide…and even right here!

Yes, a farm is a great place,
To see new life come forth;
It all begins when Winter leaves,
And, SPRINGTIME comes…even this far North.

With a long, cold Winter left behind,
Maybe…we just appreciate it more;
When Spring comes waltzing in,
We’re apt to just stare…in awe!

And, why not?
For we’ve endured the long Winter;
Now it’s the time to enjoy SPRINGTIME,
And, all it has to offer.

Of all the ‘new’ things happening,
One thing stands out…above the rest;
I love to see the baby goats,
Yes, these…I like…the very best!

Minutes after they are born,
They’re up and running about;
Not just running…but leaping and bounding,
I love them best…without a doubt!

Oh, I’ve seen all kinds of goats,
Each one so very different looking,
And, some…even a bit combined!

Either their ‘Mom’ will feed them,
Or…we just might…with a bottle;
It’s a delight to watch them feed,
Such fast drinkers…they just gobble!

Before you know it,
They’re following us…all over the farm;
Bouncing about…kicking up their heels,
So full of life…with their bleating squeals!

And, grow-up…yes, so very fast,
Soon they’re nibbling on grass;
Now, they’re chasing each other,
Over hill…down dale…truly amass.

To me…SPRINGTIME is ‘baby goat time’,
Such fine pets they make;
Yes, I love that time of year,
When all of nature…awakes!


July 16, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love