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We were poor…when we were growing up,
There was no money for toys;
This can be very hard to understand,
For young girls and boys.

Why, just two houses…down our street,
The children seemed to have plenty;
They played in their back yard… every day,
But, to us…they were never friendly.

Each day, we’d walk on the railroad tracks,
From there…we could see them playing;
Sometimes we’d just stop and watch,
Oh, so much fun…they were having!

One day…as luck would have it,
The children went inside to eat;
We chanced to walk by…right then,
Not to stop…would have been too hard a feat!

Yes, that’s right…you guessed it,
We picked up the toys and ran home;
Of course, we’d have to hide them,
It might have worked…had I been alone.

It’s more difficult with younger siblings,
Because, secrets…they just can’t keep;
Two days…maximum,
For two days…there was not a peep!

Then…BANG!…on the third day,
I couldn’t shut them up;
Mom was so unhappy…she’d expected more,
We’d have to return them…but first, the round-up.

We sneaked down the railroad track,
As soon as it grew dark;
We knew the children would be inside,
And, hopefully their dog would not bark!

So far…so good…no barking,
Now, if no train passed by;
But, then…horror of horrors,
Their big dog…I spied!

Such a loud bark…he let out,
It sent shivers up and down our spines;
We threw the toys into their blackberry bushes,
Mission completed…as our Mom had assigned!

Mom asked about the mission…she had sent us on,
We said, “Yes, they are returned”;
All Summer…the bushes kept our secret,
But, our lesson…we had not yet… learned!

With the coming of the Fall season,
The blackberry bushes lost their leaves;
Now, THE STOLEN TOYS…in full sight,
There…for everybody to perceive.

Did anyone retrieve the toys,
Or did they just stay right there?
Spring and Summer rains had destroyed them,
The paint had peeled…even the dolls lost their hair!

So, there they stayed…forever,
And, we saw them…twice each day;
On our way to school and back again,
Our ‘crime’ on full display!

If we had been found-out,
And, then we had been punished;
I think it would soon be forgotten,
But, now…we knew every day that we had been so foolish!

We learned a lesson…and a good one,
One that would last a whole lifetime;
Honesty is the best policy,
THE STOLEN TOYS…always a crime!


June 10, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love