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Oh!…how the wind was howling,
And, the snow went `round in swirls;
Stay off the roads…a total white-out,
All you Dads and Moms…boys and girls!

Well, I was a Mom,
And, I wasn’t going…out there;
This was a Nor`Eastern blizzard,
So, everybody…please beware!

`Round and `round it swirled,
That blanket of pure white;
A good time to stay indoors,
For, old man Winter was putting up quite a fight!

But, children being restless,
Loved the great out-doors;
So, I promised that they could go out,
Just as soon as they finished their chores.

Then, off…like a shot…they went,
After a caution to, “Stay in your yard.”
They were off…in such a hurry,
My caution…they did disregard.

One was running…slipping…sliding,
Down our side driveway;
While another one tried climbing,
High on our hill…and there she would stay.

Another was our ‘adventurer’,
He had to see all there is to see;
So, he scouted `round our yard,
And, goodness…what he spied in our tree!

It was something big and furry,
Black and white…in color;
Yes…and it went, “Mew!”
Boy…that cat was quite the climber!

Well, our son could climb a tree...too,
And, up that one…he almost flew;
Kitty had sought shelter from the storm,
Climbing high…was all that he could do.

How to get the kitty down,
Now, that was something to think about;
Kitty solved the problem…he grabbed and hung on,
His sharp claws caused our son to let out a loud shout!

The shout…heard `round the neighborhood,
Caused our ‘slider’ to come running;
And, our daughter on the hill…came down,
Our ‘adventurer’ was really just a`funning!

Kitty had wrapped his paws,
Clear around our ‘adventurer’s’ neck;
He wasn’t letting go…No sir,
As, to the house…they made their trek.

Such a beautiful, big kitty,
And, just about full-grown;
Surely he lived close-by,
But, all the neighbors were well-known.

In the days that followed the storm,
We searched everywhere;
Kitty…surely had a home,

So, we’ll put an ad in the newspaper,
Someone will answer…hopefully;
He could not have walked far…in the storm,
But, nobody recognized the kitty.

Well, the phone never rang,
And, we began to wonder;
Perhaps, kitty was our’s…now,
“Finders…keepers – losers…weepers”.

To keep kitty…Oh, yes!
For he had captured all our hearts;
Now, certainly he’d need a name,
Just where should we start?

“Blackie”…”Whitey”…he was both,
“Fluffy”…what should we do?
He looked just like “SYLVESTER”,
The one in the cartoons!

So, “SYLVESTER”…it was,
For, his name sure did fit;
And, you know…he came a`running,
I think that he liked it!


June 4, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love