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Sometimes we have to choose,
To TELL THE TRUTH or a lie;
Oftimes…it’s not that easy,
In a situation where we need to reply.

It seems that a lie is easiest,
When out of trouble…it may get us;
We walk away without that pressure,
For…who needs all that fuss?

But, lies have their way of catching-up,
As we pile them higher and higher;
Maybe…for awhile it works,
But, someday we’ll be branded a liar.

Because, we can’t forever,
Keep track of what we say…to whom;
We’ve painted ourselves into a corner,
Piled high with lies…and no more room!

And, on the other hand,
It’s easier…in the end;
If we…TELL THE TRUTH…in the beginning,
Then, the lies…we won’t have to defend.

Uncomfortable…we might be,
But, that will soon go away;
We’ll feel better about ourselves,
Than, when…from the truth…we stray!

`Tis not always so easy;
But, the rewards are tremendous,
Whereas…lies are too costly!

Just like Pinocchio…that boy-puppet,
Who paid the price for the lies he told;
Our nose just might grow longer and longer,
If our integrity…we’ve sold!


June 16, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love