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Can you remember way…far back,
To the time before you met TEDDY?
The day you came home from the hospital,
He was there…already!

Yes, he had waited a long time,
To see you put in your 'appearance';
He waited in your new crib,
He waited there…in silence!

Oh! Happy day…when TEDDY heard the news,
You were born…all soft and pink;
He counted the days `til you’d come home,
He was so excited…he could neither eat nor drink!

And, there you were at last,
Mom and Dad showed you the new crib;
This was to be ‘home’…forever,
They changed your diaper…clothes…and bib!

Oh, you were so very pretty,
He would watch you…day and night,
TEDDY couldn’t take his eyes off you;
Just to see you…caused him great delight!

He could hardly wait until the day,
When your eyes would open wide;
And, you would notice him,
Right there…by your side!

Oh! Happy day…it finally came,
Bright-eyed…when you awoke;
You smiled…a very wide smile,
TEDDY was so happy…if only he could have spoke!

But, TEDDY bears can’t say anything,
So, they just sit and smile;
And, if you notice them…they’re happy,
Just to be there with you…for awhile.

Down through the growing years,
TEDDY was always there;
Through the happy times and the sad,
It was TEDDY who always cared.

But, things were quickly changing,
No longer…content could you be;
You needed to flap your wings,
To be…all that you could be!

It was a very sad day,
When you moved away;
You had grown-up…Mom and Dad said,
Your own family…you’d have someday.

From time to time you’d visit,
To TEDDY…you’d say, “Hello!”;
A quick hug and you were off again,
TEDDY tried hard…his disappointment…not to show!

Then, came the day when you had good news,
And, with your parents…you did share;
Seems there would be a new family member,
And, you asked TEDDY to be there!

Oh, how happy was our TEDDY,
He didn’t care if it showed;
He’d like to dance a jig or something,
Maybe a party…he would throw!

Off to your house…TEDDY went,
Soon, a new baby would need his care;
TEDDY was so very excited,
Now, he must hurry off…to prepare!


June 9, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love