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When I was a youngster,
Yes, it was during WW II;
I lived in a farm…upstate NY,
Between seasons…there wasn’t anything to do.

I liked the outdoors,
So, I was out there quite a bit;
I loved to go fishing…truly,
By the lake…pole in hand…I would sit.

Since it was war time,
And, we were quite poor;
Not one single fish-hook did I have,
For my pass time…out doors.

“So, how did you fish?”
This question…all have asked;
We learned how to improvise,
But, it was not an easy task!

“What looks like a fish-hook?”
I’m so glad that you asked…me;
Well, think about it…now,
And, what do you see?

That’s right…yes, you got it,
At Christmas time… it’s there;
The hook on a Christmas ball,
As we hang it on the tree…with care!

Well, being young and resourceful,
I asked my Mom it I could please;
“Could I just borrow one”,
“Just for a few hours…one of these?”

Mom didn’t think it would work,
As a matter of fact…neither did I;
But, I was restless in the house,
And, would like to give it a try.

Mom found some heavy thread,
To a willow branch…it was tied;
My hopes were high…though,
For, at least we had tried!

Large worms were quickly found,
Yes, I knew the very best spot;
Soon, I was running down the hill,
With the home-made fishing gear…that I got.

I spent the whole day…there,
Sitting comfortably beneath a tree;
I tried all different techniques,
To see what worked the best…for me.

Before too long I learned,
That a quick ‘jerk’…with each bite;
Would never ‘hook’ the fish,
It took something with more might!

So, a big JERK…and then,
Right out of the water;
This Christmas tree ball hook wasn’t sharp,
So, it just needed that ‘extra’.

One after another…they did bite,
And, one after another…they were landed;
Flip, flopping back and forth…on dry land,
Nothing more they could do…they were stranded!

Imagine Mom’s surprise,
And, my own surprise…too;
We could hardly believe our eyes,
It was almost too good…to be true!

Well, word spread like wildfire,
Around our neighborhood;
Others began to try my technique,
And, it worked for them…as it should.

So, the moral of my story,
Is…to always persevere;
Even when the going is rough,
We can do something to change the atmosphere!


May 26, 2004
Aimee Love

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Aimee Love