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Have you ever discovered,
All that THE BEACH has to offer;
Not just any beach,
But, THE BEACH with salt water?

There is nothing quite like it,
Especially when it seems to go on forever;
Miles and miles of white sand,
Who would want to leave it…never!

The tide come in and then…out again,
And, the surf seems to roar;
The waves are never-ending,
As they lap up…upon the shore!

Did you know that when it retreats,
The tide leaves many treasures?
Seashells…glass balls…agate stones,
To gather them up…quite the endeavor!

Take a small pail with you…sometime,
And, I’m sure you will agree;
There’s a big surprise in store for you,
At all the ocean has…and they are free!

Driftwood…an added attraction,
I want to bring home every piece;
All sizes, shapes…and lengths,
And, each one…a masterpiece!

Or, just a quiet stroll,
To unwind from daily care;
These are the best of times,
Peace of mind is what you will find there.

Ah, THE BEACH…how I love it,
Nothing can quite compare;
Be a frequent visitor,
It will be hard…not to leave your heart…there!


May 28, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love