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Oh…yes, here I am again,
With another second grade story;
Again…Miss Cook’s the 'star',
Yes…she was a real sweetie!

One day…she had a great idea,
Well, actually she had many;
“Today, we’ll learn how to dance”,
And, she wasn’t just being funny!

Now, how did she…an old maid,
Know anything about dancing?
She probably spent all her time in school,
But, I was soon to learn something.

Well, after all…she was a teacher,
And, I had come there to learn;
So, I’d have to ‘grin and bear it’,
Even though she was awfully stern!

“First of all…you’ll need a partner,
“Let’s line-up…two by two;
“Then, I’ll teach you…step by step,
“And, show you what you have to do.”

Well, the pretty girls were chosen first,
Which is always the case;
And, those who are chosen last,
Will always feel kind of…out of place.

I was chosen…somewhere in the middle,
All my life…that’s where I seem to be;
In the middle is a good place,
And, hey…that’s okay with me!

David Crockett chose me,
He was a cute young man;
Both of us were so scared,
We didn’t know just what Miss Cook had planned.

Now…fifty-five years later,
I’m beginning to wonder if;
If…perchance Davie Crockett,
Could have been this young man’s relative.

Oh, no matter…now,
This young man was quite the dancer;
Taming the ‘wild frontier’…no,
But, on the dance-floor…he was quite the prancer!

I gave it my best ‘shot’,
But, alas…I was undone;
I had no shoe laces on my shoes,
They kept falling off…and, I’d like to run!

Just to run and hide…if only,
If it were just that easy;
But, Miss Cook insisted that I stay,
I just wanted to run…or cry like a baby!

“No shoe laces?”…you say,
Yes, you did hear me correct;
It was wartime…remember,
We cut-back…that’s how war affects.

In no time at all…I had a reputation,
As ‘the girl who lost her shoes’;
Nobody wanted to dance with me,
I was a social outcast…this I knew!

It doesn’t take much to embarrass,
A person…who is young;
All it takes are a few words,
Unkind words…spit-out by the tongue.

So, when you’re forced to do,
Something that you don’t like;
And, try your best to act ladylike!


July 16, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love