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I shall never forget my school days,
Especially second grade;
My teacher was a very old lady,
Yes, and she was an ‘old maid’.

Bless her heart…for trying,
I’m sure that she did her best;
Despite her strange ways,
She seemed to stick-out…above the rest!

She had many years of experience,
And, her methods…tried, tested and true;
But, some of the things she did,
Were very strange things to do!

Miss Cook was a good teacher,
And, this was her real name;
She had a lot of ideas,
And, she made everything a game!

She placed a large chart…on the wall,
It was a ‘list’ of things to do;
Each day…she would check-off,
What we’d done or had not…it was review.

“Have you combed your hair?”
“Are your hands and fingernails…clean?”
“Did you brush your teeth?”
“Have you a hanky…for personal hygiene?”

If we got a check-mark,
All week…for every single thing;
Then, we would get THE GOLD STAR,
And, boy!…how hard we were trying!

My girlfriend…she had check-marks,
For a total of four days;
She was certain to get THE GOLD STAR,
But, alas…the price…she didn’t quite pay.

Horror of horrors…she forgot,
And, she left her hanky at home;
Well, she had a brilliant idea,
It’s not like she forgot her comb.

A handy…can be quickly replaced,
And, this…she surely did;
She removed one of her socks…Oh, yes!
Then, into her pocket…it was partly hid.

Miss Cook took a quick glance,
Everything looked just fine;
So, another check-mark on the chart,
My friend shouted, “The star…the star…it’s mine!”

Miss Cook never knew the difference,
And, for sure…nobody told;
My friend got THE GOLD STAR,
Yes, indeed…she got the gold!


July 12, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love