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Once a year…our science class,
Would always go on a trip;
It was always a big surprise,
But, this time…somebody slipped!

The ‘surprise’ was no more,
But, we really didn’t care;
Because, this time would be different,
This time…we’d really have to prepare.

We were taking just a short ride,
Not over the hill…and far away;
This trip would take a few minutes,
Right in our own neighborhood…we would stay.

A lunch…we’d each need to bring one,
A pail…and also, a small shovel;
Where in the world were we going,
‘Twas said…the experience would be invaluable!

Alright...I can hold it in no longer,
We’re going to the TIDAL POOLS;
I’d lived near them…all my life,
But, now we’d study them…with our school.

Our science teacher was always trying,
To get us to ask, “Why?”;
Her method was quite unique,
On 1-10…she was ranked…high!

Yes, we all liked Miss Buckley,
She had taught us so very much;
Not just out of text books,
But, hands-on…to our touch.

Not all teachers have that ability,
And, it’s a gift…for certain sure;
She sparked our interest in science,
Yes, that interest in us…she procured.

So, off we went…with our lunches,
Our shovels and our pails;
One classmate behind another,
As down to the beach…we trailed.

The tide was out…as planned,
And, so many TIDAL POOLS were in view;
Miss Buckley said, “Okay now,
“Go off to each pool…two by two.”

I grabbed my partner and ran,
Yes, as fast as the wind...we split;
We found the very best pool of all,
Our TIDAL POOL had so much ‘life’ in it.

Miss Buckley made the rounds,
She talked about the ‘life’ in each pool;
This was the very best way to learn,
Far better than in regular school!


July 21, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love