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Oh, I was quite the TOM BOY,
When I was growing up…Oh, yes;
I’d climb trees…dig for worms…go fishing,
And, many things I’d not confess!

I’d have great fun ‘out there’,
In the forest or on the lake;
Getting dirty didn’t bother me,
And, I liked frogs and snakes!

‘Twas thought I’d be come a biologist,
And, surely an old maid;
There wasn’t anything ‘out there’,
Of which I was afraid!

While other girls were primping,
Giggling and having fun;
I was climbing trees and fishing,
Far from me…they would run!

Goodness…gracious…then it happened,
I saw a boy swinging through the trees;
Then, I spied him at my fishing hole,
He was so very much like me!

Well, it was love at first sight,
I guess…for both of us;
For soon after…we married,
Plain and simple…without any fuss!

Before we thought it possible,
We had one child after another;
First a girl…just like me,
And then, along came her baby brother!

Ah, at last…it was thought,
A little girl…dressed all in pink!
But, those thoughts were dashed to pieces,
Quicker than you’d think!

For she could climb a tree faster,
Much faster than her brother;
Actually, she was faster…even,
Even faster than her mother!

Well, we got ourselves another,
Yes, another TOM BOY…for sure;
I smiled to myself…so smugly,
We’ll just have to endure!


June 6, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love