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I knew a little boy,
When I was still in school;
He was very sad…all the time,
He wouldn’t go on ‘special’ days…as a rule.

One day…I asked him why,
Just why was he so sad?
He was very slow to answer me,
He was a most unhappy lad!

Still, after a time…he told me,
Of how embarrassed he would get;
On ‘special’ days…he was overlooked,
And, it hurt so much he could not forget.

It all began on VALENTINE’S DAY,
When love should freely flow;
The children would sign their cards,
And then, pass them out…row by row.

Well, this lad waited and waited,
But, nobody came his way;
It made him very sad,
And, he cried…the rest of the day.

Of course, he failed to mention,
That he had no cards to give;
Still, he was hoping he would receive some,
But, his hopes were short-lived.

Christmas came and went,
And, his birthday…too;
He never felt included,
In all the things that children do.

Sometimes he felt invisible,
Did anyone know that he was there;
For surely…had they seen him,
Surely, somebody would care!

He got no recognition at home,
For, he always seemed to be in the way;
Would his life ever turn-around,
Or would it…forever…like this stay?

Oftimes, children are so hurt,
They only know how to react;
Then, they will become hurtful,
And, that’s a proven fact!

But, this young boy really was ‘special’,
For, he didn’t retaliate;
He began making Valentines all year,
And, he passed them out…on that date.

Sometimes, all that it takes,
For others to know you are here;
Is to reach out to them,
Reach out…and draw them near!

So, if this has been your problem,
Rise above and take control;
Show them that you have value,
Step out…and it will make you whole!


June 6, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love