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Always have and always shall;
Where the sky goes on…forever,
And, the trees are chaparral.

Rolling hills…how I love them,
With puffy clouds overhead;
A stand of trees…here and there,
Peaceful surroundings…with nothing to dread.

The land could go on…forever,
And, I really wouldn’t care;
With not a sign of mankind,
Nope…not anywhere!

Everything is quite serene,
No honking of horns…anywhere;
No ringing of bells and whistles,
No rushing here and there.

Just a pastoral scene,
Spread-out, there…for me to see;
Would I rush and hurry on?
Not when all of nature…beckons to me!

Stop…take the time to see nature,
With all its beauty on display;
For we may never come again,
And, see nature’s full array.

To follow-on…with a babbling brook,
Knowing its source lies in the hills;
Yes, to follow it…on its journey,
As its destiny…it fulfils.

Downward…ever downward,
Now, it’s picking up speed;
Rushing…ever rushing,
To lie quietly…it sees no need.

The beauty lies in the race,
As freely it makes its own course;
Just a trickle…in the beginning,
And now…with great force!

What is its destination,
Oh, I was soon to see;
For, with a magnificent crescendo,
It emptied itself into a lake of great beauty.

Gathering with other babbling brooks,
Its destination at first…unknown to me;
And, now it had emptied itself,
Into a crystal-clear lake…for all to see.

Awe-struck was I…as I beheld,
Its clear, reflective power;
The sky above…magnified,
And, its reflection…I devoured!

The lake’s depth in plain view,
And, all the life within;
Fish…of all sizes and shapes,
Plant life…in great profusion.

Black and white loons on one side,
And, ducks were over here;
Then, something moved…across the lake,
It was a whole family of deer!

My journey had been worth while,
As…the babbling brook I followed;
Nature…indeed…in full display,
Its beauty…on me…had showered!

Take the time out of your busy schedule,
Take the time to see;
It’s time well-spent…I know that you’ll agree!


May 24, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love