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‘Twas a dark and storm day,
About as gloomy as can be;
Sister and I were restless,
And, Mom…felt like she was up a tree!

“Can’t you girls find something,
Something to keep you busy?”
True…we needed something,
Yes, some kind of activity.

Then, here came Dad…all bundled-up,
For it was quite the storm;
He had zipped his jacket up,
To keep himself warm.

While trying to un-zip himself,
A loud, “YELP!”…we did hear;
It didn’t sound like our Dad’s voice,
So, close to him…we drew near.

Our Dad had brought home a puppy,
And, we were happy as could be;
Black and furry…really small,
His big eyes peered right out…at me!

Now, puppy ran across the floor,
My…he was so excited!
Piddle…piddle…all across the floor,
Get some paper…quick…we decided!

“Puppy”…“Puppy”…we called,
And, he was quick to come;
He would have answered to any name,
No matter who it came from.

A puppy needs a lot of care,
Right eating and clean-up;
But, first of all…he needs a name,
He can’t just be called “Puppy”.

So, we all sat down and spoke our minds,
And, the reasons for what we thought;
Then, one idea stood-out most of all,
The zipper…in which “Puppy” was caught.

So, it was decided…right there,
“ZIPPER” would be his name;
And, did he like the sound of it?
Why…yes…“ZIPPER” is who he became!


July 21, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love