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Along Came Number Seven

We had another baby coming and felt he would be a boy, because of the usual reason - so, we picked out the name Andrew after Andrew in the Bible (who was a fisherman), and James from the Bible and also one of Joe's brothers.

About this time, along came Andrew. He was born October 24, 1964 (Saturday), in the afternoon. He was delivered headfirst - induced labor. He was the largest of our babies - 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long. He had one bout with asthma when he was 6 weeks old, and never had it again. He was the only baby I didn't have any morning sickness with...none at all. The others were for the usual 6 weeks (until 3 months of pregnancy). Andrew's hair was extremely thick and curly. He looked a lot like his Dad did, as a baby. He was baptized when he was a few days old.

Andrew had a severe constipation problem, when he was just a few weeks old. I had just given him a bath, and he was exhausted. I wrapped him up in baby blanket and laid him on the kitchen table. About this time, Dr. Cummings stopped by to check him out. Doctor pressed on Andrew's stomach...all over - couldn't find anything wrong with him; no blockage, etc. So, he said to give Andrew alot of prune juice. After doctor left, Andrew tried to 'go' again...but 'it' was huge and got stuck. I took a baby "Q Tip" and by poking at it, and breaking 'it' up...everything began to come through his 'pipes'. He slept through all of this: was always a very sound sleeper. Andrew was always very healthy; and if he got anything, it was extremely mild, compared to his siblings.

One time I had taken Mary shopping with me at the K-Mart store in Fitchburg - Joe was babysitting. She was about 4 years old and wanted to spend all our time in the toy department, but I had other things to do, so I told her to stay there and play; I would come and get her later. I forgot I had her with me and stayed "browsing" longer than I should have...I heard an announcement over the loud-speaker, "A little girl has just been found, her name is Mary." Then I remembered I had her with me and ran to get her.

Rose was now in second grade. She got the chicken pox. About two weeks later Joey, Mike, Mary, Peter, and David - all had the chicken pox. That was a rough time. Andrew was just a few weeks old and he didn't get them, this time around.

We had torn down the old chicken coop many years before, just had flowers planted across the back of the barn (where the coop had been). We had the lobster trap hanging on that back wall, also. When we tore down the chicken coop, we found a glass egg that had been used in the chicken nests to give the chickens the "idea" of just why they were sitting there...I still have it.

Now, we leveled the land and Joe set up an above-the-ground swimming pool. He did it so expertly that from one side to the other side was only l/4th an inch difference. We enjoyed the pool, but it was a lot of work keeping it clean. We would all get in it and begin walking around the inside edge, this created a whirlpool current, so that we would eventually lay down in the water, and the current would carry all of us around the pool.

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Andrew James in kindergarten.