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We all have A MIRROR…now, don’t we?
So, we all know just how we look;
Nothing fancy…for most of us,
Sparkling eyes…maybe a nose with a bit of a crook.

Of course…when we were little,
Into that mirror…we’d like to peek;
Who was that little person looking back at us?
Oh, we could look and look…all week.

We never tired…of that smiling youngster,
But, something we just didn’t see;
Was that this youngster was changing,
We just were not the person that we used to be.

It sort of happened…oh, so slowly,
‘Twas hardly noticeable…at first;
Surely, not something that we had planned,
It definitely was not rehearsed!

The day came…when we needed something,
We were not content with what we saw;
A bit of make-up here and there…perhaps,
So much maintenance…that it became a chore.

If you are a boy…or used to be,
And, as your voice and features changed;
A man emerged…and there you were,
Your priorities had to be re-arranged.

Life has it’s way of changing us,
All the things that come our way;
Somehow, each one…will change us,
For the same…we cannot…forever stay.

This change seems to happen ‘overnight’,
Once we were young and viral;
Now, we are old…we’re grey and sag a bit,
But, it doesn’t have to be a downward spiral!

It’s our choice…we can see each stage in life,
As something marvelous…and enjoy it;
Or we can frown…moan and groan,
Make others miserable…and throw a fit.

Now, I’ve seen many an ‘older person’,
With a cheerful smile upon their face;
Yet, I don’t really know…what is their lot,
Nor all the things they have to face.

I’ve seen a lot of cranky ‘older people’,
And, so miserable are they;
That they just like to spread it all around,
They surely don’t make…anybody’s day.

Still, there is that choice…again,
And, it’s up to you and me;
When we look into A MIRROR,
Just what will we see?


November 23, 2005

Aimee Love

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