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There it goes…such a bright light,
As it shot across the sky;
I’d never seen such a thing,
While out walking…Gramma and I.

“What was that?” I asked,
As my eyes opened…wide;
“Why, it’s A SHOOTING STAR!”
My Gramma replied.

“Where did it come from…
Where is it going?”
All these questions in my young mind,
More and more…they were growing.

“It’s a meteor”…Gramma said,
“As it streaks across the sky”;
“It becomes a meteorite,” she said,
“If it comes to earth…and lands nearby.”

And, do you know…would you believe,
That’s exactly what it did;
As closer and closer it came,
Into the woods…it landed!

Now, it was dark…remember,
When on our walk…we went;
We heard it whiz past us,
And, it gave off a burning scent.

As it crashed through the trees,
I could hear each tree…it hit;
Like a splintering…the sound,
Electric…almost like a short-circuit.

We felt sure that we could find it,
And, we searched in all directions;
It had been a ball of fire…at first,
But now…beneath the earth…’twas hidden.

“We’ll come back tomorrow,”
My Gramma declared;
“Perhaps we’ll find it then”,
Tying her scarf to a tree…she marked the spot…there.

Well, I tossed and turned all night,
Thoughts of discovery in my mind;
And, when the sun arose,
I was right there…right on time!

We made a dash for the thicket,
Where Gramma’s scarf was tied;
And, walking back and forth,
Behind each bush and tree…we tried.

The visitor from outer space,
Both of us…it had eluded;
Search as best we could,
To call off the search…we were persuaded.

Still, I shall never forget that night,
While in the dark we walked;
The night we saw A SHOOTING STAR,
And, the many things I learned…as we talked!


September 24, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love