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Have you ever stopped to notice,
Just how many crows appear;
Whenever there’s a down-pour,
They fly in…from far and near!

Perhaps they like the showers,
That wash away ticks and dust;
Perhaps rain bring out grubs,
Things to eat…and such.

Whatever is the reason,
They fly in…they come in droves;
You’ll see them everywhere,
Everywhere you happen to go.

They look so sharp…all decked-out,
In their shiniest array;
Who can resist their stately walk,
As across your yard they parade?!

Pretty private birds…are they,
Far from people…they will stay;
And, who can really blame them,
It’s much safer that way!

Little children might chase them,
Even adults…give it a try;
Everyone wants to catch a crow,
But, nobody is quite that spry!

‘Tis been said that a crow will talk,
If it is taught…at an early age;
Wouldn’t that be quite a ‘hoot’,
It would fast become the latest craze!

For me…I just like to watch,
As they walk by…strut their stuff;
So straight…so tall…gallant,
With not a feather ruffed-up!

You’ll never see them marching,
Group-oriented…they are not;
Pretty much the ‘loner’,
They won’t share what they have got.

Still…I like crows,
Always have and always shall;
There’s just something about them,
‘Toots’ my whistle and ‘rings’ my bell!

Stop a minute…sometime,
Take a deep breath and enjoy;
The crow and his silly antics,
The ‘child’ in you will be overjoyed!


November 9, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love



"My Snaps!" - "Petey" walking in the rain.