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Sometimes…friends can hurt us,
And, we can hurt them…too;
However well-meaning,
We can make the other…blue.

Misunderstandings can happen,
Even amongst the best of friends;
‘Twas not planned so,
But, one is hurt…in the end.

Some friendships can be mended,
A deep love…is the cure;
Sometimes we’re on rocky ground,
And, our relationship…unsure.

If we have one real friend,
Tried…tested…and true;
We are most blessed of all,
That love will see us through.

So, plant those seeds of kindness,
Show others how much you care;
Not just with tender words,
By your actions…make them aware.

For words come cheaply,
And, they can be many;
“BE THERE”…in time of need,
Be kind…gentle…and friendly.

Extend your hand to others,
So many need a friend;
We’re not an island…all alone,
We need a friend…in the end.

Some have tried it…on their own,
Afraid…perhaps hurt by others;
We’re all extremely vulnerable,
When we reach out to others.

Still…there is nothing,
Nothing that can compare,
With a friend…a real friend,
Someone…who will always “BE THERE”.


October 6, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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