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(*Poetic License!)

Do you sometimes feel strange,
And, all those things in between?
It’s either ‘old age’…or you’re a ‘teen’!

Now, I was a ‘teen’,
So many years ago;
Confusing times…they were,
And, more difficult…as we grow.

Our friends are all-important,
We want to be like ‘them’;
To walk and talk…a carbon copy,
From inexperience and insecurity…it stems.

Oh, we also have our heroes,
Out there…upon life’s stage;
Those we look up to…role models,
We have them…at every age.

To fly…like Peter Pan,
So exciting…that would be.
To never have to grow up,
Just live a life that’s carefree.

Our very first teacher,
Now, she was a real pip;
But, I wanted to be just like her,
To be looked up to…that would be quite the trip!

Then, along came that movie idol,
So tan…so tall and lean;
Why…everybody fashioned themselves,
Just like that one…when we were ‘teens’.

In the real world there’s no time,
For such foolishness…you see;
These are just ‘phases’ that we go through,
And, soon…along comes reality.

Yes, and all those things in between;
Responsibility will set in,
As we leave behind…the ‘teens’.

Off to college…some will go,
And, a job for other ones;
Perhaps you’ll become a parent,
Raising daughters and sons.

Caught-up in a whirlwind,
Time speeds up…it’s going fast;
So much to do…so little time,
The years…they hurry past.

Now, it’s our children who are ‘teens’,
And, we think we understand;
We’ve been there…you see,
But, ‘old-timers’…becomes our brand.

Things today…are not the same,
The world moves at a much faster pace;
We’re getting 'old'…we can’t keep up,
Now, our children must run the race.

So, we sit on the side-lines,
We watch them…and we cheer;
They are doing their very best,
As we enter our ‘golden years’.

Some things are repeated,
And, these shall always be;
But, none are carbon copies,
For times do change…you see.

Now, we sit back and smile,
Remembering days gone by;
When life moved at a slower pace,
While now, it hurries past…it flies!

Ah, the grand-children now appear,
Life’s cycle begins…again;
Sometimes we see ourselves in them,
We sit there and we just grin!

Life’s been good…so rich…so full,
I’m so glad that I had;
And, all those things…in between!


February 2, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love