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My Dad was a BUSH PILOT,
And, I’m so proud of him;
In all kinds of weather…up there,
Through clouds and all…he would skim!

He knew many times of peril,
And, my Dad took that big chance;
Food and supplies were needed,
So, he never gave a backward glance.

Sometimes I’d go with him,
If the skies were really clear;
I trusted his flying skill,
With him…I had no fear.

He didn’t always tell us,
Of the danger…in his job;
Not the close calls that he had,
The times when his heart would throb!

Sometimes he’d have to land,
On some remote lake;
The going would be difficult,
And, hard decisions he had to make.

One time…he told us much later,
Of a real mercy trip;
It was snowing heavily,
And, he couldn’t even see the airstrip.

But, did that stop him?…No,
For there was a tremendous need;
He was transporting to a hospital,
So…with caution he did proceed.

As we grew older,
More of his stories…he would tell;
He was a modern-day hero,
And, our hearts…with pride…did swell!

Yes, I’ll always remember my Dad,
For his many acts of kindness;
The things he didn’t need to do…but did,
He was a life-line for those who lived in the wilderness.

And, each day…as I climb into my cockpit,
Put on my helmet and gloves;
I’ll think of my Dad…remembering,
His many acts of kindness…and his love!


July 3, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love