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Petey my fearless friend,
At least…I always thought him so;
Why…he’ll stand up to anything,
The bravest of the brave…this crow!

Jump right in…break up a fight,
Or, perhaps to even start one;
You simply couldn’t predict,
If he would stand him ground, or run.

But, I began to notice,
That sometimes he would disappear;
More and more…I noticed,
Was it my camera that he feared?

Surely, such a fearless crow,
Wouldn’t be CAMERA SHY!
I could not believe that,
Yet, it was becoming harder to deny.

Petey would do something,
Something as outstanding as could be;
I’d run to get my camera,
When I returned…no Petey did I see!

It had to be a coincidence,
But, through the years…my suspicion grew;
Why did he turn his back,
And, off…into the air…he flew?!

Perhaps he was embarrassed,
When some great feat he had done;
Maybe he wanted no credit,
And, from fame…he would run!

Has it ever happened to you,
The inability to photograph a crow?
Do they all turn away from you,
And, off…into the sky…they go?

Maybe it’s my imagination,
But, I really don’t think so;
I’m almost totally convinced,
As, older…I do grow!

Each time I step outside the door,
If I have my camera in tow;
Not a single crow will I see,
Tell me…please…where do they go?

Whenever I hide my camera,
And, keep it covered up;
Oh, I’ll see plenty of crows,
Guaranteed…and sure enough!

Now, when I want a picture,
Of Petey…my friend…the crow;
I have to sneak around,
Carefully following him…wherever he does go.

Oh, it’s not completely impossible,
And, on occasion…I succeed;
I’ve taken some nice photos of Petey,
Hoping his fear…will recede.

If ‘practice’ makes perfect’,
As has been said…many times;
Then, I’m actually helping him,
Someday…Petey won’t be CAMERA SHY!


October 20, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love



"My Snaps!" - "Petey" trying to hide from my camera.