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Old-age is creeping in,
It’s time for more “CHANGE”;
Just about the time we’ve mastered something,
Everything gets re-arranged!

Children grow up…they move away,
Our adjustments…must be made;
They want to have their own lives,
Now, we must learn to do the same.

There’s a joy in knowing they’re prepared,
And, proud of them…we are;
Still, there’s an empty space now,
As “CHANGE” raps on our door!

Grandchildren begin appearing,
And, our grown children are kept busy;
A place in their lives…we hold,
Still, our lives seem very empty.

Now, more “CHANGE” happens,
By the time great, grandchildren appear;
We don’t have much to offer,
It’s almost as if we’ve disappeared.

One thing…for very sure,
A life for ourselves…we must make;
If we haven’t already begun,
Then, we’re in for a lot of heart-break!

We’ve gone from creep…to crawl,
Then, onward…into walk and run;
The days of run are over,
It’s a rather slow walk now…for fun.

We learn to ‘focus’ on all we can still do,
Don’t think of what we can’t;
There’s no time for weeds in our lives,
Only happy memories do we plant!

It’s strange how we plan…our whole lives,
Only for those plans to be undone;
We rush forward…with high hopes,
Only to end up…where we had begun!

“CHANGE”…there’s nothing more certain,
So, flexible…we should be;
‘Routine’ isn’t all that great,
“CHANGE” can be fun…you see!


October 30, 2004

Aimee Love

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