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Right outside my bedroom window;
Some bird is happy…that’s for sure,
A robin…perhaps…or even a sparrow!

Upon closer observation,
And, much to my surprise;
A very different sort of bird…emerged,
I could not…quite…believe my eyes!

Deep pink and bright red…its colors different in hues,
And, this bird was tiny…tiny as can be;
With a CHIRP…unlike any I’d heard,
Oh my…how it fascinated me!

Singing its little heart out,
And, just why…I soon would learn;
For tiny eggs inside that nest,
To brag…Yes, that it surely had earned!

Building that nest for many a day,
Back and forth…round and round;
It tirelessly did weave,
A finer nest just could not be found.

“I’m Mr. House Finch"…he said to me,
And, pleased I was to meet him;
“Here is Mrs. House Finch”…he said with pride,
And, she was just as proud of him!

With four tiny eggs…they had been blessed,
And, care for them…they would do;
So, back and forth…to gather worms,
Back and forth…they flew.

Sometimes the weather-person isn’t right,
Their forecast never happens;
But, Mr. House Finch…always correct,
And, of this…I am certain!

If he were out there…CHIRPING,
At the very break of day;
We knew for sure…it would be sunny,
And, we planned accordingly…that way!

“Mr. House Finch…can’t you wait,
Four-thirty is pretty early”;
But, he had his long day well-planned,
For anything…he would be ready.

On the days when he was quiet,
And, we all got to ‘sleep-in’;
We knew the reason…far too well,
We’d turn over and back to sleep…we went with a grin.

For…you see…on rainy days,
Mr. and Mrs. House Finch stayed indoors;
They kept their brood warm and dry,
No sense to going out…where the weather was raw.

Soon, the sun would shine again,
Mr. House Finch would CHIRP his happy chorus;
We couldn’t linger in our beds,
With such CHIRPING…so melodious!

This morning…a real chorus,
All six of them were CHIRPING;
What a happy song they sang,
Heart-warming and uplifting!

But then, one day it happened,
All their voices were stilled;
They had taken their solo flight,
And, the nest…was no longer filled!

Such a lot of joy…they brought,
Into our lives…then, they were gone;
But, this circle of life isn’t broken,
It continues on and on…and on!

Now, there would be many more nests,
And, many more House Finches;
The old nest would be refurbished,
A new family would move in.

We’d look forward to the new couple,
And, the new eggs…too;
Joyful CHIRPING would fill the air once more,
That’s how nature…renews!


May 25, 2005

Aimee Love

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