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City Living

Here we were, back in Guildford; we lived at Sally's apartments. We had a ground floor unit. Barry (from church) spray painted the entire made it so much nicer...cheery. Those were hard times for us, financially. Joe was working for a telemarketing company; for minimal wage. After 11 months on UI, the pastor of Endtime assembly (local) hired Joe to work for him; he thought that Joe wouldn't accept a job where he is manager, because it was very hard physical work.

Things began to go better for us and we were able to move into Holly Park Lane Townhouses; a basement suite, with two townhouses over us - one over our living area, the other over our bedrooms. The girls who lived over our living room were out late nearly every night and usually came home with men, at 3 a.m. We had found a camera, next to our car, in the parking lot: we had the pictures developed and they were "very revealing!" The pictures were of our upstairs neighbors, so we didn't dare return the camera to would be tooooo embarrassing for all concerned!

Lisa met a young man, and after awhile they wanted to live together. We didn't approve, but they decided to go ahead. They lived in a small apartment, just a few miles from us. I went to visit her, once, while he was at work. They had a large tree in their living room; Lisa's cat used it for climbing. The young man was into health food; but he didn't give Lisa much to eat (just what he didn't eat) - she was losing alot of weight. They didn't stay together very long.

During this time we had many of the people from the farms (Endtime) stay at our apartment; we had Rick Rotondi with us for their honeymoon - and a local friend let us stay with them, so Rick and new bride could be alone. Many people stayed with us, on their way down to the States for medical treatments - some were spending all the money they had for natural vitamins...taking as many as 45 pills a day.

We had been going for a lot of walks and on one of them we walked past a cluster of townhouses called The Orchard; we thought it was a pretty nice place, with nice yards, etc. - but figured it was beyond what we could afford. We looked into it and found it was owned by Union Gospel Mission, in Vancouver and it was low-income housing...we applied and were accepted. They were even willing to hold a unit for us, for 6 weeks, until our lease was up at Holly Park Lane Townhouses.

We were in unit #75 and stayed for 2 years; finally had to leave because Joe was accepted in a Manpower sponsored program to upgrade his electronic background. Joe had told the pastor, that he would have to give his notice, when he was accepted into the program (he was on a waiting list). Joe was a good worker: originally he felt like he was going to die (with the hard, physical labor...but he began to look at it like going to a gym each day...and exercise).

Joe had told the pastor, that he was waiting for Manpower to put him through some up-grading courses; that he would have to leave the job, when they called him for the school. When that time came, the pastor didn't want to part with Joe, he was a good worker. There was a bit of a problem...but Joe was determined to take the courses he needed.

We had asked the Manager at The Orchard, if there was any work we could do there (he usually did most of the work). They did have an electric, cookstove that needed some electrical work: Joe did that for them. And, I had cleaned one of the units, when someone moved out. Outside of that, they couldn't promise us very much work.

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