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Many things can get us down,
But, is that where we want to stay?
It’s really no fun…down there,
And, I’ve found a better way!

We can’t just ‘escape’,
For…that isn’t very good;
But, we can change our attitude,
In fact…we should!

We all face unpleasant things,
Things that we must go through;
We have a choice…just how we do it,
What do you choose to do?

I’m, tired of grumbling and complaining,
That’s not the way to get things done;
With a change of attitude,
We can make everything…fun!

So COLOR ME HAPPY…from now…on,
Paint a bright yellow…right over the black;
Where there is darkness,
Open the window…just a crack!

Where there is wrong,
Take a stand for what is right;
Turn the other cheek…often,
Don’t join in…with the fight!

Run from ‘doom and gloom’,
Don’t give voice to the negative;
Turn all of that around,
By always speaking…positive!

Far more is accomplished,
When we choose to build;
Anyone can tear-down…destroy,
But, to build-up…that’s for the skilled!

COLOR ME HAPPY and I shall color you,
In bright shades of pink…purple…and green;
Let’s paint the whole world…HAPPY,
Happier than we’ve ever seen!


June 26, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love