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Have you avoided something,
Run from it…all your life;
But, it keeps chasing after you,
And, your life is full of strife?

You thought that avoidance was best,
At first…it seemed to be;
Yet, it does catch up with us,
As you are soon to see.

The very first problem appears,
When we are very young;
We don’t know how to handle it,
So rather than face it…we shun.

A pattern begins to emerge,
With the next problem…we turn away;
We think it’s gone now…but no,
That problem is here to stay.

Granted…as a young child,
Our choices are limited;
Problems are to help us grow,
And, their power is underestimated.

Parents try to spare a child,
From the very things that grow them up;
They need to face these problems,
Parents are only for…back-up!

Learning…ever learning,
As along…through life we go;
Mistakes…sure we’ll make them,
Yes, and everybody will know!

CONFRONTATION…nobody likes it,
At times…it’s very painful;
But, avoidance isn’t the answer,
It harms our psyche…to be truthful.

Why is it that we shrink from,
All that would cause us to grow?
The fear of the unknown outcome,
Just causes that fear to grow.

CONFRONTATION need not be brutal,
It’s a healthy sign…you know;
Speaking our mind…gently,
It need never come to blows!

Tempers can flare…anger can rise,
And, what gets accomplished?
Nothing…absolutely nothing…zilch,
Then…we only look immature and foolish.

CONFRONTATION…setting boundaries,
That is the healthy way;
We grow…the other grows…too,
And, both go merrily on their way.

If problems are not faced,
They hide in the dark and grow;
Like a deadly germ…they multiply,
Our quality of life is slowed.

Fear has its way of growing,
It thrives…in the dark;
Avoidance and more avoidance,
It builds up and leaves its mark.

We withdraw ourselves from problems,
We look the other way;
Out of sight…out of mind,
But, they never really go away.

Then, one day…Yes, it can happen,
The ‘light’ goes on and we see;
All the havoc avoidance has brought us,
And, it’s no longer acceptable to me!

We face our fears…one by one,
And, one by one…they go;
Avoidance got me nowhere,
Avoidance was actually the foe.

One by one…I see them leave,
Doubt…uncertainty and fear;
I’m no longer a prisoner to them,
Since a healthy CONFRONTATION came near.

Anxiety was the last one to go,
It found no place to stay;
With everything out in the open,
It simply had to run away!

My quality of life is much improved,
Since healthy CONFRONTATION entered in;
I wish that it had happened sooner,
But, any time is a good time…to begin!


December 15, 2004

Aimee Love

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