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Can you sit back…just relax,
Knowing that you’ve done your best?
Peacefulness surrounds you…at last,
No striving to pass each test!

What more can be asked of us,
Except that we do all we can;
Perfectly…no, never…it can’t be so,
I’ve tried so hard…but that was never the plan.

Why don’t we learn this early-on,
Why do we rush about…so fast?
Going at a ‘break-neck’ speed,
How long did we think it could last?

To think of what we 'could' have,
What we 'would' have;
What we 'should' have done,
Just a total waste of time!

I believe that each one does,
Their very…very best;
And, there comes a time…in later years,
When on this fact…we must rest!

Our bodies are tired…worn-out,
From the good times and hard times we’ve been through;
Through it all…we’ve gathered memories,
And, these memories will see us through.

Now, it’s time to sit back,
It’s time to just relax;
We’ll see how it all unfolds,
The final curtain…the climax.

Over all there’s a CONTENTMENT,
Gone are the wishes that we’d done more;
Let the chips fall where they will,
Maybe…just maybe…to someone we’ve been a mentor!

The morale of my story…
Do the very best you can;
Now, take your well-earned rest,
Live-out your later years…and be content!


May 25, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee and her Mom: many years ago.