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BORN: September 14, 1963 - Saturday - 2:43 p.m.
Leominster Hospital
Leominster, Massachusetts USA
7 lbs. 2 oz. - 19 1/2 inches long
Induced labor. Head first.

Usual 6 weeks of morning sickness, starting about the 6th week of pregnancy. Wasn't anemic, so picked out names for a boy, again. I had insomnia, the first time in my life (and last!); didn't get any sleep at all for 5 days. It was rough. Doctor couldn't give me anything, because I was pregnant - he said that I would sleep when I got tired enough. It was a weird time and not something that I would ever want to repeat! We chose David, after King David (again); and Paul after Joe's best friend (Paul Blanchette), also St. Paul in the Bible.

David had light blond hair that stuck straight up. He looked like a little chicken. We called him "Little Chick", for awhile.

He always seemed to get into everything. Got spanked more than any child I've ever known.

Once, when he was a toddler - he was in his crib and reached over to a can of baby powder. He proceeded to dump the entire can on his head. I came up to get him from his nap and found him wheezing. It was so bad that I had to call the doctor right away. This was doctor's day to go to the Boston Hospital; he intended to come by first and give Dave a shot of Adrenalin, because of the severity of the attack. The doctor forgot and went to Boston.

I sat with Dave on my lap all day, in front of a cold-water vaporizer - the doctor never came. Finally, I called the doctor who was filling in; he came and gave the shot. Dave almost died in my arms, he was really bad and it took him more days than usual to recover. Our doctor was so upset that he had forgotten - he was always so devoted to our children: he insisted on erasing our bill.

Dave had a hernia when he was 2 years old and was operated on for it. He came home, leaping out of the car, and running into the house after only 1 day in the hospital. Our doctor said he had never seen anything like it. He was always "spunky" - nothing seemed to get him down. (Still doesn't!)

He went to the hospital with his sister Rose; they both had acute tonsillitis - they tried every kind of medicine there is on them and nothing worked. Finally, they said they were trying the last thing available. It worked. They both came home. Dave never did have to have his tonsils out, but Rose did.

Dave had asthma really bad from the time he was 2 months old, until he was 7 years old (1970). We had become "Born Again" Christians and had prayed for him. He also went to a healing service where Clinton White prayed for the sick - he didn't want to go up for prayer, but was touched anyway. That's when Dad was touched and healed of bleeding ulcers. Dave never had another asthma attack, although he did have a few bronchitis attacks, which were not very severe. I told our pediatrician, Dr. Cummings that the Lord healed all six of the children who had asthma - and he said, "We'll see." Well, he did - he never had to give them another shot (or medicine) for asthma.

He had lived on Acromycin for so many years, for the asthma, that his second teeth are badly discolored. Our doctor told us it would happen - I guess his bones are the same color, too.

He had all childhood diseases or shots and the mumps shot.

Obstetrician: Dr. William B. Havey
Pediatrician: Dr. John M. Cummings

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