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I suppose everybody likes a bargain,
We search for them…high and low;
We’ll drive all over town,
Just to save a dollar or so.

I’ll let you in on a secret,
We ‘seniors’ soon find out;
With ‘grey hairs’ for a calling-card,
We have plenty of clout!

Look around you…some time,
I’m sure you’ll be surprised;
Why…’seniors’ form a long line,
You’ll hardly believe your eyes!

Yes, everywhere we go;
And, always on a Tuesday…it seems,
Just why…I do not know.

It’s early to bed…the night before,
Tuesday is such a busy day;
We’ll need plenty of rest…you see,
Somebody just planned it that way!

First thing in the morning,
Two dollars…for all we can eat;
We’re off to a special senior breakfast,
Now, that’s a deal…hard to beat!

The ladies are off now…on the run,
It’s 50% off…DISCOUNT day;
Time to get that new hair-do,
Wash…set…styled and sprayed.

For the men…there are other bargains,
There’s a DISCOUNT on all sorts of tools;
They never have enough of them,
And, these men are nobody’s fool!

It’s noontime…and they all seem to gather,
At their favorite places to dine;
There is a DISCOUNT at every restaurant,
So many to choose from and so little time!

Now, these ‘grey hairs’ rush to their cars,
And, some hop onto electric scooters;
The race is on…it’s just begun,
It’s DISCOUNT day…for all seniors!

No time for a nap…on Tuesdays,
These bargain continue…long into the night;
You wonder why we're so tired,
With bags under our eyes…we're a sight!

Besides…these ‘special’ Tuesdays,
You’ll find more surprises in store;
Seniors have a DISCOUNT on so many things,
It’s almost worth…growing old!


November 13, 2004

Aimee Love

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