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Just another…in a series,
Of the many tales…of “Petey” my friend;
But, this one…quite unusual,
It’s all about learning…which never seems to end.

This “Petey” bird…the friendly crow,
Now, flying in the dark;
A new hobby…he had taken up,
Just shows you…he wasn't too smart!

A crow…even a friendly one,
Cannot be seen…after dark;
But would he listen to me…oh, No!
He went on his way…happy as a lark!

Truth be told…oh, Yes for sure,
A meadow lark would do much better;
That bird would have more sense…would he,
Why, he would stay home in foul weather.

But, “Petey”…he was fearless,
In fact…he lacked common sense;
When he took to this night time flying;
He was certain to get into quite a mess!

One day…Oops! night…he grew restless,
After I was tucked into bed;
He had nobody to watch over,
And, a wild thought came into his head.

“I wonder how the night life is,
In that city…way over there;
I would like to see what’s happening,
I’d like to go…but do I dare?”

“Petey”…being such a fearless crow,
And, perhaps a wee bit ‘wild’;
He took it upon himself to try it,
“I’ll just take a peek!”…he smiled.

Was it a good night for flying?
Well, the sky was quite clear;
In fact…it was pitch-dark…outside,
And, that lit-up city looked so near!

So, off “Petey” soared…straight up he went,
Now, nothing could hold him back;
His mind was made up…you see,
Curiosity…ignited his fearless spark!

Oh, it was great fun…this adventure,
As off into the unknown…he flew;
Maybe it didn’t make much sense,
Still, it was what he chose to do.

The street lights made it look like daytime,
My friend “Petey” was quite impressed;
“Why…I can stay up all night…” he said,
“And, later…then I will have a good rest!”

He flew around…in circles,
The night life…on him…got a hold;
Oh, this was something special,
He felt set free…and Oh, so very bold!

Nobody could see him,
For in the dark…he blended right in;
The city came to life…at night,
“And, I want more!”, he said…with a grin!

So, “Petey” joined in with a street fight,
The ‘gangs’ were a sight to behold;
They played a bit too rough for “Petey”,
Or maybe he was just getting too old!

Over there…the people were happy,
As they sang and danced about;
“Petey” decided to join them,
It was a wedding party…no doubt.

“Now, these are my kinds of people”,
“Petey” said…as he hopped around;
The music was enjoyable,
And fancy food…was dropped on the ground.

“Petey” enjoyed those crumbs…Oh, my!
And, he danced about with each tune;
He could have danced all night,
But, they left…on what they called their honeymoon.

The sun appeared on the horizon,
Street lights dimmed…then, went off;
Clean-up had begun…for a new day,
“Where’s all the fun, now?”…”Petey” scoffed!

DISAPPOINTMENT seems like a long word,
At least it is…for a crow;
But, it wasn’t enough to describe,
The let-down…my “Petey”…did know.

Just one night of high-living,
And, “Petey” the crow was cured;
Quickly…he flew back home again,
But, that wasn’t all he had to endure.

For…you see…I was just awaking,
And, it was time for him to stand guard;
My faithful friend…all these long years,
Yes, “Petey”…was my bodyguard!


August 20, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love



"My Snaps!" - Aimee's picture of "Petey" the crow:
after he gave up city night life!