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"EMPTY   NEST"   Syndrome

Mrs. Petey was unhappy,
Her baby crow had flown away;
Oh, it happens to all mother crows,
But, this was fresh…it just happened today.

Why, she had doted on that little fellow,
Morning, noontime, and night;
He had the usual crow illnesses,
Sometimes, he had given her quite the fright!

Mr. Petey…he had been supportive,
Oh, not as much as Mrs. Petey thought he should;
But, being the ‘bread winner’,
He did help out as much as he could.

Mrs. Petey had carried that baby crow,
While in his egg…he had grown;
Right there…beneath her heart…he was,
She nurtured him…yet, today away he had flown!

Do all mothers just wander…aimlessly,
What do mothers do…when they are left alone?
A paradox of sorts…it is,
This thing called “EMPTY NEST” Syndrome!

Oh, you thought just humans got this,
Yes, they seem to think that it’s so;
They think that they invented this ‘thing’,
This thing called “EMPTY NEST” Syndrome.

Look around you…sometimes,
And, you will see that it’s true;
When a fledgling leaves home…just flies away,
What is it that the mothers do?

They hang their heads in unbelief,
They say, “Oh, woe is me!”
They forget…for a few brief moments,
That at last…they are free!

The grief is short-lived…however,
Suddenly, they realize…it’s time for their own pursuits;
What did they do…before Junior came on the scene?
And, they give those thoughts…the boot!

Why there’s time to go shopping…now,
And, to meet the other lady crows;
Off to the Mall…they could fly…and,
Quickly all those endless possibilities…did grow!

Mr. Petey could work less hours,
Why…off to the coast…they could fly;
Just the two of them…together,
This new life had possibilities…not to be denied!

So, when you see birds in flight,
Or singing to their hearts content;
Just know the hard work is over…now,
Their time had been well-spent!

Another ‘life’ begins…for them,
One with far less worry and care;
Free to do the things they always dreamed of,
Just let “EMPTY NEST” Syndrome…carry you there!


January 29, 2006

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love



"My Snaps!" - Mrs. Petey all alone.