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Do you enjoy each moment,
Or do you let it slip away?
What a shame to lose it,
To never pick it up…just letting it lay.

Unhappiness is fleeting,
Why not send that on it’s way?
Why would you want to grasp it close,
And, think about it…every day?

This too shall pass,
And, it really…truly shall;
Just what have we gained…by holding on,
Nothing of worth…it will just make us ill.

ENJOY THE MOMENT!!!…laugh and shout,
For…we’ll not pass this way again;
Don’t be downcast and glum,
Face all of life…with a grin!

We have two choices to make,
There’s nothing in-between;
We can laugh or we can cry,
We can be cheerful or just plain mean!

In every given situation,
The choice is up to us;
Where will our ‘focus’ be…today,


February 4, 2005

Aimee Love

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