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Farm House

We lived at the house on the corner of 64 Ave. and 184 Street for over three years. During this time Dave went on his own; it was because he no longer wanted his Dad to tell him what to do...they had a bit of a "power struggle"...male assertiveness, or whatever. Dave had a hard time; we learned later, that he had been sleeping behind a new mall that was under construction and had been arrested for shop lifting. He was sleeping outdoors, in the winter, and his hands were freezing – so, he stole a pair of gloves.

Andrew was working for Kreykenbohm Wood Products (where Joe worked); he was barely 16 years old and had more money than he knew what to do with. He still lived at home, with us…in the farm house. He had bought his first car…a two door, brown colored car. His room was in the basement of the house; he wanted his privacy.

Lisa went through a few years of rebellion; ran away a few times.

We left the independent church; parted amicably with the pastor - he had "been there" for us, at a very low time in our lives and we respected him, although we no longer could go along with what they taught. We started going to the Endtime meetings again (locally) - after a year or so, Joe had "hands" laid on him...and he was an elder again.

Lisa and I had gone to the local SPCA, looking for a dog to adopt. There was just one dog, the size that we wanted (lap dog); but she was far too old – about half her hair was grey/white. As we walked to the car, this little dog followed us. Now, tell me – how can anyone resist that?! We adopted her and she was a tremendous pet. We let her keep her original name, which was “Tish”.

I had a large area plowed up, in the back yard and planted a very large garden; the soil wasn't very good...a lot of hard clay - we didn't get much out of the garden. Andrew had planned a garden of his own...I saw him sneaking out past the pasture, and into the woods behind the property. I did some sneaking of my own, and found he was there with two of his friends - they were loading flats filled with soil onto a rope pulley...and bringing them up into the tree tops: they had marijuana plants in them. I gave them an "all-knowing" eye and turned around and went back to the house. They got rid of all their illegal things.

Later, I found a small marijuana plant in his bedroom - I promptly flushed it in the toilet: I never told him where it went. A few years later the cesspool was overflowing and we had to have it emptied out (professionally); I was hoping they didn't find the pipes plugged with a profusion of "plant life"!

Lisa woke up one morning crying; she had severe stomach cramps. At first I thought she had the grippe, but the symptoms got much worse and we took her to the Emergency Room at Surrey Memorial Hospital - it was appendicitis. The put her on a "girdy" and left her in the hall...ready to go into the operating room, if need-be. Apparently they had many surgeries scheduled for that day, and would take her right in...if it was necessary. Well, I wasn't too thrilled with all their plans, as Joe's grandma had died of a ruptured appendix.

All turned out okay, and she had surgery at 5 p.m. They had to put her in a bed in the Children's Ward, because there were no other beds available...she didn't mind it too much, especially when she found another girl her age in there, too - she had her appendix out the preceding day. Lisa couldn't smoke while she was on that floor, because of oxygen being right there; so, when she was up to walking around, she and the other girl walked down the hall...where they could smoke. I made the mistake of buying some cigarettes for her, and she was again "hooked" on them.

Just a few days later, Lisa was back in school and back into "scrapping" with other girls. It really upset me, because she was down on the ground, near our house, "scrapping" with another girl...she had quite the reputation of being a fighter.

We still had "Tish" the black multi-poo dog with us. She had real bad breath and had to be anesthetized to have them cleaned. I cut her hair all the time, because she was part poodle and it would "mat" if I didn't. She would just roll onto her back, with her little feet up in the air...and relax, while I clipped her.

One day I noticed patches of her hair falling out...then a great big clump fell out, on her back. I knew it was the mange and we couldn't afford the treatment, plus it wasn't always successful; so I took her in to be "put down". She knew something was "up", and hung onto me with her two front paws. They asked if I wanted to be with her...because she would just "fall asleep". I couldn't handle that, so she walked that last mile...alone.

I was doing daycare of a doctor's two children, just a few miles away from us. The oldest daughter was about 5 years old and very head-strong. Her younget sister was about 10 months old and had an entirely different, easy-going disposition. While all of them were away on vacation in Hawaii...they had me checking their house and feeding their cat. They brought back a souvenier for me; it was a hand-dyed fan...very original one. I had it for many years, and then I gave it to a teenage girl who needed something 'special' at that time in her life.

The Mom had arthritis really bad; but she did quite well, considering. She brought her daughters for lunch, at the farmhouse that we were renting. The farmhouse and surrounding acres were sold, so we were moving back to Guildford (Surrey): that was the end of my daycaring job.

A year later our daughter Lisa found a black dog just like Tish, it was running with some of the kids in the field behind the school. Nobody knew who the dog belonged to, so she brought her home...we named her "Babe". We ran an ad in the newspaper, but nobody called to claim her. She was "thee perfect dog"; good in all ways...we really loved her; but had to give her away when Joe was laid off his job and we had to move into an apartment in Guildford (Surrey). Lisa gave Babe to her girlfriend, who lived in our neighborhood. This girl's parents were both deaf; Lisa learned how to "sign" to communicate with them.

While we lived in the farmhouse, we became Canadian citizens. Some of our children became citizens at the same time. We had to study Canadian history and be questioned by a judge. Each of us missed one question, but the judge assured us that we knew more history than most Canadians…so, that was no problem. We decided to keep both the USA and Canadian citizenship: it was allowed.

Our son Mike and his wife Julie, came down to stay with us; he was looking for work in this area. They stayed in the back yard, in a camping trailer that some friends had stored on our rented land. Julie was sick, with morning sickness: no matter what medicine the doctor prescribed, she still was sick. It was a hard time for both of them. Eventually, some of our ‘farm’ friends stopped by to visit; and the man offered Mike a job where he worked, in Alberta. We were sorry to see them go, but they had to be where the work was.

Mount St. Helen’s had blown its “top”. I was driving around in the car, at the time, and didn’t notice anything. Joe and some of the children were at home; they felt the earth shake, etc.

A large lump was discovered in my left breast. Our family doctor referred me to a surgeon, in a city close by: I had to wait a couple of weeks, before I could get in to see him. During that time, I asked for prayer from everyone I knew; and I also prayed continually. I claimed every promise I could remember, in the Bible…and still, the lump was there – it was about the size of my thumb.

When the time came for the appointment, I was driving toward the doctor’s office…and I kept feeling my left breast – the lump was still there. I still felt confident that Father would take care of it…and I prayed, accordingly.

When it came time for the doctor to examine me…he felt all around, and there was “nothing”. I just ‘knew’ that Father was going to heal me, and I was so very thankful! Our family doctor was pleased, too…he has seen many times when Father has brought healing. This was a tremendous ‘faith builder’.

Kreykenbohm Wood Products was down-sizing and Joe was laid-off. He tried to get the severance pay that was owned to him, but they didn’t want to pay up. So, he took them to the Labor Relations (court), and then they paid.

Joe found some telephone soliciting work, and then some work at a small TV repair shop. He still kept looking for full-time work, every day. In the meantime, we couldn’t afford to rent the farm house and began making plans to rent back in town. We had a garage sale – selling a lot of the things to our landlord, the day before the sale was to start. We gave some lawn furniture that Joe had made, to our across the street neighbor.

Our son Andrew had moved to Saskatchewan, looking for work. He was with his girlfriend, Ellen. They had our first grand-daughter, Nicole. Ellen had a hard time having the baby; spent 5 days in labor – Andrew called us every night, for encouragement. They were married, soon after Nicole was born.

Lisa went out to Saskatchewan to live with them for awhile. She was serious about a young man out there, but he wasn’t sincere and they parted. Lisa had left home a few years earlier; living with another young man, which ended in disaster. Andrew and Ellen parted, too; and Andrew moved back to British Columbia.

Mom had come to visit us, earlier; Joe's Mom came too. Joe's Dad had just passed away and his Mom needed some time way. The two Moms travelled together. They didn't get along very well, while they were visiting with us; actually, it was like 'two cats in a bag' while they were here! My Mom was going to live with us; we prepared the downstairs bedroom for her. She had her things loaded into a moving company truck, and it was waiting for her in Seattle. But, her disability insurance wouldn't pay for her to live in Canada and she had to tell the movers to send her things back to Massachusetts. It was a disappointment for all of us.

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