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I was just a city girl,
Knew nothing of that other world;
Still, things were about to change,
As a different life…unfurled.

Mom remarried…and off we went,
City life was left behind;
And, being young…adventurous,
I really didn’t mind!

We left the city lights behind,
As the train pulled away from the station;
The great unknown lay ahead,
The wild and unfamiliar did beckon.

A farm house…in the country,
Far from all I’d ever known;
Things were very different now,
Many new things…I was shown.

Indoor plumbing…a thing of the past,
An ‘outhouse’ now…was out in the back;
A bathtub…that too was gone,
A round tub on the floor and hot water I had to pack.

It was heated on a wood cook-stove,
And, my own tub…I would fill;
So warm and soothing was that tub,
Far away from that icy winter chill!

My bedroom…well, it was shared,
As sister and I huddled;
There was no central heating,
So, necessity made us cuddle!

Oh, there were benefits…indeed,
Far out there…in the country;
Like the times the school bus couldn’t come,
Because it was too snowy…blowy!

Oh, we had great fun…on those days,
A snowman or a fort…we’d build;
Then…we’d lay down in the snow,
Snow angels we’d make…at that we were quite skilled!

Long days ago we’d gathered,
Maple sap…from off the trees;
After boiling for a very long time,
A thick, maple syrup we did see.

Now, Mom was busy cooking,
A ‘treat’ for us…on the stove;
“Fill this bucket with some snow,” she said,
What she had in mind…we didn’t know.

Soon she poured that thick, hot liquid,
Back and forth…across the snow;
It hardened very quickly,
And, our curiosity did grow!

“Now, pick up the pieces,
And, give them a lick”;
Such a heavenly ambrosia,
We ate and ate…’til we were nearly sick!

FARM LIFE had it’s benefits…for sure,
And, the tales…they are many;
Later…I’ll share more with you,
And, FARM LIFE…you will envy!


November 10, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Our Photo

Our wilderness cabin, 1972.
We lived there for 4 years.