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Do you have a FAVORITE GAME,
One that you like more than any other?
Perhaps it’s hop-scotch…played outdoors,
With friends…maybe your sister or brother.

There’s marbles…that can be fun,
Or maybe…ball and jacks;
Old-fashioned games…I guess,
But, some day…they might make a comeback!

Jump rope and the hula-hoop,
Tarzan swings and water games;
My…so many to choose from,
I can’t even remember all their names!

Then, there are the indoor games,
Things like checkers or chess;
It’s always fun to see,
Just who is the very best.

Word games like Scrabble,
Or maybe different games of cards;
Yes, all sorts of indoor games,
Things you just can’t play in your yard.

Hide-and-go-seek…that’s fun,
And, it can be played indoors or out;
It was one of my favorites,
Yes…without a doubt!

Games are fun and we learn,
We learn lots of things;
Co-ordination…strategy…our brain grows;
They’re all a part of our developing.

I’ve told you…all of my favorites,
From when I was growing up;
Now…it’s your turn,
What is your…FAVORITE GAME?


June 29, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love