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Today was the big day,
It had finally come…at last;
Such a beautiful day for a trip,
Just as the weatherman had forecast.

All the sixth graders were excited,
It was the first big trip of the year;
A FIELD TRIP like none other,
And, at last the big day was here!

Our teacher took attendance,
Although…unlikely anyone would be absent;
This was a fun-day…for sure,
A trip to Fenway Ball Park…the big event.

Yes, we were going to see our favorite team,
The Boston Red Sox…you know;
So, let’s all board the bus,
And, away…we shall go!

I was a bit of a ball player…myself,
Having played baseball all of my life;
I’d watched the Red Sox on TV,
But, I had never seen them…in real life!

Oh, the trip there was noisy,
All the kids were having a ball;
The teachers who had come along,
Thought it the noisiest…they could ever recall!

Finally, we arrived at the ball park,
Now…it was beginning to look like rain;
But, we didn’t care one way or another,
We were determined to have a lot of fun…that was plain!

As we scrambled to get good seats,
It was obvious to see;
That everyone wanted the best seat,
“Hey, that seat…over there…belongs to me!”

A hush fell over the crowd,
As the players ran onto the field;
Then…a mighty surge of power,
As…to shouting and cheering…we did yield!

Some knew the names of the players,
And, they shouted them out…with glee;
But, Ted Williams was my favorite,
He was the only one…I could see!

Tall and thin…such a player,
And, so fast…he could catch and throw;
No wonder he’d broken so many records,
The best…all-around player…you know!

The Red Sox won the ball game,
As Ted Williams’ home run…broke the tie;
`Twas a day I’d remember…always,
And, the very best FIELDTRIP…none would deny!


July 4, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love