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My Mom was a city girl,
Born…bred and raised;
It was a life she understood,
In the city…content all of her days.

But, she married a farm boy,
He was just home from the war;
City life was not for him,
There were big surprises in store!

Off to the farm we moved,
Talk about a cultural shock;
No stores…close-by,
They were not just around the block.

To small children it was an adventure,
To a city girl…traumatic;
Still, Mom adjusted quite well,
But, her life took on new meaning…dramatic!

Since there were no stores close-by,
Mom decided the next thing to do;
Was to plow-up some land…plant some seeds,
And, in time…our FIRST GARDEN…grew!

Now, what to do with the produce,
The land was rich and it multiplied;
To store it in some way,
On our neighbors she’d need to rely.

So, she called on many a neighbor,
Learned all that she could;
They taught her how to can and preserve,
Soon…she knew all that she should.

The FIRST GARDEN continued to prosper,
A ‘green thumb’…all would agree;
This city girl surely had one,
And, it was as BIG as it could be!

Just enough sunshine,
And, also the right amount of rain;
That FIRST GARDEN got so far ahead of us,
From it…the whole countryside gained.

The neighbors began a’talking,
‘Twas unlike any they’d seen;
This city girl…she was welcomed,
To the community…this year, she was “Queen”!


August 25, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Our Photo

Our garden...years later: back in MA.