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I loved our back yard,
A place of refuge…there…for me;
Beauty was all around,
As far as the eye could see.

There were many lessons to be learned,
Beside the pond…beneath the trees;
But, this time it would be different,
For it was night time now…you see.

I sat down upon the cool grass,
Felt through it…with my fingers;
It had been a hot, summer day,
But, now…in the cool…I lingered.

Listen to the sounds that ‘night’ makes,
There’s a hush…all around;
The ‘daytime’ noises…silenced,
Peace and tranquility…abound.

Such a dark night,
The darkest of all times;
Where could the moon be,
For…into the heavens…it did not climb?

A dark night holds many mysteries,
To learn its secrets…my intent;
When seeking out its treasures,
Our time is very well-spent.

And then…a twinkle…twinkle,
A tiny…flashing light;
More like a sparkle…it was,
At first it gave me quite a fright!

What was this tiny…spark of light,
Quick…and then it was gone;
And now…more tiny lights,
Tiny lights…off…then on.

My child imagination,
Away with me…did run;
You know…that little child,
The one who has all the fun!

Are these lights little lanterns,
Carried by ‘wee’ fairies;
Suppose… they like to get about,
And, in the dark…no need to tarry?

Could they be ‘little elves,
Who travel only by night;
When the ‘BIG’ people are sleep,
That’s when they take flight?

Or…maybe…per chance leprechauns,
Only in Ireland…we’ve been told;
Searching…forever searching,
For that infamous pot of gold?

Are these twinkling little lights,
Seen… only in the mind of a child;
Or…maybe seen by an adult,
If they let their mind run wild?

Both…I have discovered,
They can be seen by everyone;
For they are * FIREFLIES *…you know,
And, they can be seen by anyone.

So, what is their purpose,
Why do we see them just at night?
Why are they on the planet,
Except…just for pure delight?!

Who was it that discovered,
That * FIREFLIES * can be caught;
When put into a bottle,
They’d light up a room…like 1,000 watts?

After that discovery,
What do you suppose…I did?
Why…I went out each night,
Filled my bottle and closed the lid.

Of course… the lid had many holes,
* FIREFLIES * need to breathe…you know;
A little bit of grass added…for their comfort,
And, they just glowed and glowed!

I took the bottle to my room,
They lit it up…bright as day;
What a way to fall asleep,
I can think of no better way!

In the morning… with the dawn,
And, so much to my surprise;
I looked at my bottle…and,
There was nothing inside!

What happened during the night,
When I was fast asleep;
Did ‘little’ people set them free,
Were they watching and their vigil keep?

But, alas ‘twas no such thing,
I found…in later years;
It was my Mom who set them free,
Before day-break did draw near!


October 5, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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