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What lights up the sky,
With every color in the rainbow?
What lifts your spirit…so it soars,
And, makes you shout…“WOW!”?

I can think of nothing better,
Nothing that will give your heart a lift;
Quicker than FIREWORDS…more FIREWORKS,
As up they go…so swift!

They light up the entire sky,
And, you’re a child…again;
Who can think of anything else,
When their display begins?

All our cares are left behind,
They no longer weigh us down;
With the FIREWORKS…we rise above,
And, we’re no longer earth-bound.

There need be no special time,
To enjoy all their splendor;
Just any old time will do,
Sit back…put your feet up and be a viewer!

The whole sky is aglow;
And, we join right in,
With our sounds of “Aww!” and “Oh!”.

Take every occasion possible,
To see more of their handiwork;
The ‘little child’ within…they spark,
Such a sight…FIREWORKS!!!


July 6, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love