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Things moved along nicely…for the first few months,
So in love were our little ‘couple’…so in love;
Petey did everything he could to please her,
Truly a match…made from above!

Well, things were about to change,
Their lives altered…forever;
You see…they were ‘expecting’…now,
Hopefully…all for the better.

Like all expectant, first-time parents,
Many questions…they did have;
And, when it was all ‘over’…surely,
Both of them would be so glad.

Well, the big day was upon them,
Petey didn’t know quite what to do;
You see…he’d never come this way before,
To him…all of this was brand new.

Laura…on the other hand,
Had siblings she did care for;
While she was growing up…there were many,
To care for their own, now…she was sure!

Their nest had been relined with feathers,
Those of the softest kind;
The little eggs would be warm…secure,
Yes, the very best…they would find.

But, what was this…how could it be?
Not many eggs…but only one;
They had thought for sure there would be many,
Well…one would be less work and more fun!

Right away he began squawking,
His parents knew all to well…just what that meant;
“Baby” was hungry…for sure,
To keep him full…on this they were bent.

When his tummy was full,
Petey and Laura knew what they must do;
They must give him a name,
And, names…they had picked out a few.

Actually, they had picked out many,
As they waited for the births;
When they turned out to be just one,
They laughed away…with mirth!

Well, surely of the many,
They could pick out just one;
But, sometimes that is easier said,
Easier said…than done.

After long hours of watching him,
They knew what name would best suit;
This little off-spring of theirs,
He would be named…Brutus…for short “Brut”.

Petey always felt that his name was a ‘sissy’,
And, he wanted his FIRST BORN…to be strong;
What better name for such a one,
“Brut”…that’s a nice short name, not very long.

Well, as it turned out…“Brut” was the right name,
He was big and strong…always hungry;
Back and forth…his parents flew for food,
Many times each day…and double that on Sunday!

Still, all kidding set aside,
Petey and Laura were so pleased;
“Brut” was everything they had hoped for,
After all…their FIRST BORN…was he!


November 12, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love