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‘Tis said to be our GOLDEN YEARS,
Of this…I’m not quite sure;
Not quite what I’d expected,
All these new challenges…we must endure.

“Ah, it’s a breeze”, some people say,
“Retirement…I can hardly wait”;
But, they are still young,
And, all these things…they don’t contemplate.

Yes, to me it was a shock,
When my mind and body didn’t agree;
The things I wanted to do,
Had become too tiring for me.

All the things I had planned to do,
Why had I not done them…as a youngster?
I never knew I’d be too tired,
To function in this area.

Our GOLDEN YEARS…well, I wonder,
Are you quite sure?
Could be “Fools gold”,
With all the aging things we must endure!

Where did all our energy go,
Do you have any idea?
We start each day bright and chipper,
But, quickly we fall back into low gear!

Have you ever panned for gold?
If you have…then you know;
A handful of sand and gravel,
Add water…then, round and round it will go.

The sand is quickly washed away,
And, what does remain?
Why it’s those heavy nuggets of gold,
Or, perhaps just a few grains.

There’s something to be learned…here,
For our lives are much the same;
The water of circumstances and choosing,
Then, round and round…we go…again.

The small things…as grains of sand,
Are quickly washed away;
While the heavy, solid things…hold fast,
The important things of worth…they stay.

Yes, there’s a lesson to be learned here,
The older we become…it grows clear;
Everything has its own purpose,
Our GOLDEN YEARS are not to be feared.

Different…Oh, Yes…for sure,
And, maybe not as we’d planned;
But, our GOLDEN YEARS are just that,
It’s what you make of them…and they can be quite grand!


October 29, 2004

Aimee Love

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