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When we say "Good Luck"…what's the meaning,
Do we think of a rusty old horseshoe?
How could it bring us GOOD LUCK,
Just what could it possibly do?

Have you found a four-leaf clover,
And, carried it about?
Did it actually bring you GOOD LUCK?
Of this…I really doubt!

How about a rabbit’s foot,
Perhaps…it’s on a chain?
Was it GOOD LUCK for the rabbit,
Hopping about…with his body maimed?!

See a penny…let it lay,
All day long…things will go awry;
See a penny…pick it up,
All day long…you’ll have GOOD LUCK!

Oh, there are hundreds of superstitions,
Each culture has its own;
What makes one very happy,
Makes another one…frown!

You spilled a little salt?
Oh, quickly throw it over your shoulder;
Why in the world would we do that,
Why waste even more salt…why all the bother?

And, a cucumber would be ‘bitter’,
If the end wasn’t removed;
Then, we must rub it back and forth,
And, the ‘bitterness’…disappeared!

Do you stir in one direction,
While cooking in a pot…on your stove?
Don’t you know…that will stop it from burn,
It’s been said so…thereof!

We do many strange things,
Strange things…for our protection;
Beads…ornaments…lucky charms,
The more…the better…and more often!

What do you wear…or do,
To keep you from harm?
Is it something ‘heathen’…or ‘religious’,
What is your ‘lucky charm’?


May 25, 2005

Aimee Love

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