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Have you spent time with your Gramma,
I mean…like every single day?
And, was there such a ‘bonding’,
Not life…nor death could sway?

I was blessed to know this lady,
In a way that few did know;
Being born in Gramma’s house,
Never…to a hospital did I go.

Born ten weeks…prematurely,
Not expected to live;
With so much love around me,
And, we all know love…gives.

Yes, my Gramma was always there,
So many memories we shared;
From my earliest days…onward,
She showed me how much she cared.

We did everything together,
She taught me so very much;
Where she went…I went…also,
She reached out…my heart she touched.

I learned how to love cats and dogs,
Rabbits, ducks and geese;
Gramma had a house and yard full,
They just increased and increased.

Many happy hours…for many happy years,
We cared for those creatures;
I learned to love them…not to fear,
Gramma was the best of teachers.

She had a beautiful garden,
Plants she’d collected…through the years;
She taught me how to care for them,
Nurturing all of creation…she held dear.

The fish pond in her garden,
What a delight…for all to see;
Hand-crafted it was…by Gramma,
Then, filled it with goldfish…did she.

We took many walks together,
No matter what the weather;
Rain or hail…snow storms too,
All that mattered was that we were together.

In the Winter…all bundled-up,
An igloo we did build;
The rest of the day…I sat inside,
With all my animal friends…it was filled.

Springtime and those long walks,
To see new plant-life emerging;
Over hill and dale…we wandered,
Our ‘bond’ together…strengthening…growing.

Summertime was very special,
Down…to the lake we’d go;
Gramma could float on her back…in the water,
She showed me how to do it…also.

In the Fall…we would stroll along,
Finding wild grapes and berries;
She knew all the places to look,
Then, we’d make jams and jellies.

And, on those night-time walks,
The star formations…she’d point out;
Gramma knew a whole lot of things,
Of this…I have no doubt.

She taught me all about nature,
The first ‘Naturalist’…I knew;
And, that love for nature,
She passed on to me…too.

I’m thankful for those times,
When…to nature…we did flee;
The memories we shared,


September 5, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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Gramma, me, and "Kitty"