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I remember GRAMPA…Yes, I do,
Even though I was very small;
We did many ‘fun things’ together,
And, I remember them all.

We had this regular routine,
Each and every Friday night;
Right after dinner… he would go,
Into the living room…and turn out all the lights.

GRAMPA would turn on the radio,
Then, sit in his favorite chair;
He would reach for his pipe,
And then…he would light it…with care.

From out in the kitchen,
I could see just where he was;
Just one small light from his pipe,
And, I was off and running…just because.

Just because I knew something was coming,
And, it was scary as could be;
But, I was safe in GRAMPA’s lap,
Just my GRAMPA and me.

The program began each evening,
With a loud and squeaky door,
The program…'Inner Sanctum',
Guaranteed to scare and never bore!

I don’t remember any of the stories,
Suffice it to say that I was safe;
My GRAMPA held me close,
I was safe in his embrace!


(I do not promote smoking. However, 60 years ago –
when these stories took place, the health hazard
was not known.)


March 26, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love