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Did you have a special friend,
That nobody else could see?
This friend went everywhere with you,
They would always be your friend…guaranteed.

Maybe your best friend was a puppy,
One who listened…when you were sad;
They were always there for you,
They’d wag their tail and make you glad!

Oh, even a silly goldfish…can be a friend,
They surely won’t tell your secrets;
A monkey…a parakeet…a gerbil,
Or even a floppy-eared rabbit.

An IMAGINARY FRIEND is not just for children,
Senior citizens need a friend…too;
Sometimes the days are long and lonely,
And, there just isn’t much to do.

Some people take up a hobby,
Plant growing can be fun;
It’s for sure…they don’t talk back,
And, from you…they cannot run!

It’s a proven fact…also,
That kind words will make a plant grow;
Harsh words can actually destroy it,
So, speak words soft and low!

If kind words can work wonders,
Let’s try using them…every day;
The world will be a better place,
Then, maybe your IMAGINARY FRIEND can go away!


May 25, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love

Seniors Only!